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About Us

Peter and Wendy at La PeignardiereWe {Peter & Wendy} established Brittany Cottages in late 1989 using brochures for advertising after our complete renovation of the first cottage at La Peignardiere had been completed. Just two years later we went on to the Internet for the first time. Four years after that the second cottage was completed and ready for rental, the following next four years we continued to rent our holiday cottages.

During the year 2000 we decided to move to France arriving here in March 2000, soon after our arrival here we met a number of people who asked if we could include their houses on our web site. After that the site grew considerably but in recent years we decided that we would dowsize the buisness to just our own property as it was demanding more of our tim to act as agents for others and look after our own property however because of our past experiance and knowledge we know that we are able to offer clients our holiday cottages with confidence in the knowledge that the property will be as suitable as we are able to make it

Our direct personal participation in the French holiday rental market spans more than 27 years, this coupled with over 35 years of running a small building company and considerable experience in helping numerous clients find exactly what they are looking for, places us in the sometimes unique position of knowing that we are offering value for money, We have made friends with many of our clients and look forward to continuing to do so in the foreseeable future.

Because the type of weather here in Brittany is very similar to that in the South West of England, but often 2°-3° warmer, we have invested in an indoor heated swimming pool. We think that we are able to offer clients a pleasant relaxing holiday in pleasant suroundings in a part of France that has much to offer everyone.

If ever you want further information about us or the area and our houses please feel free to contact us at any time via E-Mail Just click here and we will be pleased to help if we can.