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Fougeres Chateau & Old Town

Fougeres old town from the chateauThe town of Fougeres boasts many attractions for the visitor, with more than 1000years of history it has many historic sites, such as The Chateau, The Town Ramparts, The Museum, The old town below the chateau, The Eglise St Leonard, The Beffroi, and some lovely gardens. There is also a tourist train, which runs from late spring into early autumn, and visits most of the sites, thus giving a good introduction to the whole town. There is also a theatre which at the moment is under reconstruction, but is expected to be finished by the summer of 2001. In the Chateau during the summer there are often concerts of all types Modern, Jazz, Classical, and Celtic. any one of which can become a very pleasant way of spending a pleasant evening, followed by perhaps a meal or just drinks in one of the nearby restaurants and bars.

The Chateau of FougeresThe restaurants of Fougeres do cater for a truly metropolitan taste with restaurants specialising in Cantonese, Moroccan, French traditional, Galletts & Crepes, & real pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven. Plus of course most cafes will offer plat du jour often consisting of three courses inc wine for around 4:50 - 5:50 depending on the area, but nearly always very good indeed. Plus there are sports facilities, and a large indoor swimming pool with flunes. In the centre of town there is a very good tourist office whose staff are more than willing to help the visitor to enjoy their stay.

Fougeres can also boast four very good supermarkets where you can buy almost anything from a microwave oven to a motorbike or a baguette to a banquet. Each of them is very good for all types of shopping. Wine is on sale in all of these supermarkets and can be found in prices ranging from 60p up to whatever you wish to pay, generally very good wine can be found in the price range of 1:50 - 2:50.

The Eglise St Leonard FougeresFrance has always offered a wide choice of wines & beers coupled with such a varied choice of both familiar and different foods that a trip around a super market is a little like a child in a toy shop, so much to choose from its difficult to decide. This general area is famous for cider, Crepes & Galletts, not forgetting of course, it must be very difficult to visit Brittany without indulging in local fresh sea food, especially the shell fish, Brittany in general has a tradition of sea food and it is well deservered. Oysters, Langoustine, Shrimps, Lobsters, Crab and many many more.

In Fougeres on a Saturday starting about 0900 & finishing at about 1300 there is the local market for both general items and fresh food, here will be found farmers selling their produce direct to the public, Artisan bakers with specialist bread of the region, fishmongers who will be only to pleased to describe how to cook their often unusual species of fish, plus many more trades, including a few almost forgotten in UK such as an old fashioned cobbler for example.

Just outside Fougeres there is the Forest, which has many walks and cycle routes and also a good-sized lake that is ideal for swimming of all ages, complete with its own sandy beach and a play area for the younger children it is excellent for a day out without travelling too far.

Recently the local councils and other bodies have been getting together to change the use of the old disused railways. This has meant taking up the tracks and laying down paths suitable for walkers and cyclists, This program is still continuing but the completed sections are already fantastic for both walkers and cyclists, allowing them to view the area from almost the heart of the countryside. These tracks now stretch for many miles with access points all along so that it is possible to join or leave wherever you wish, the views from these paths are well worth the effort.

The Gardens.

The Visitors Train.


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