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To Make a booking on this web site is very simple, but should you have any problems at all please just contact us either by telephone or via e-mail details can be found on our Contacts page.

  1. Choose the property that you would like to rent.
  2. Check on the availability page for that property that it is showing vacant for the dates that you would like
  3. Then go to our reservation form.
  4. Now Where it says Name of Holiday Home to be Reserved: click the arrow and choose the house that you want.
  5. Now complete the address boxes.
  6. And then enter your correct E-Mail address [Please check that it is the correct one].
  7. In the next box enter the address again to ensure that it is correct.
  8. Enter the date that you wish to start the holiday (this will normally be a Saturday) Please note that unless otherwise agreed in writing you may not arrive before 1600hrs except to leave any luggage.
  9. And then the date that you will be departing, Please note that unless otherwise agreed in writing you must leave before 1000hrs to allow us to prepare the house for the next guest.
  10. This next section should show Adults and then any persons under 16 years of age as children.
  11. On the next three sections please just choose the appropriate box {ie Currency GB pounds or Euros}.
  12. The box marked Total Rental Cost should contain just the total cost of the house rental only {ie if the house is £300:00 per week and you require it for 2 weeks then enter 600}.
  13. Linen Hire: This next box should only be completed if you require linen @ £9:00 per person to be supplied otherwise please leave it blank.
  14. Additional Agreed Charges If any additions have been agreed in writing then the total sum of those additions should be entered here.
  15. Total Due: This box should be the total of the boxes above { ie Linen, Total Rental cost, Additional agreed charges}.
  16. 25% Deposit this figure should be rounded to the nearest whole pound, {It is not necessary to complete this box if your holiday is less than eight weeks from the date of reservation.
  17. Balance outstanding: This will be the difference between the Total Due and the Deposit.
  18. Plus the security deposit The security deposit is payable on all properties and is normally £100:00 or 150:00Euros depending on the currency used.
  19. TOTAL BALANCE PAYMENT DUE this is the sum of Balance outstanding and the security deposit. This amount will be due 8 weeks prior to the start of your holiday.
  20. Now all that is left is for you to enter where you think you first found our web site ( ie was it on another site or perhaps you came across us while searching the web) all that you need to do now is click the button [ Submit information } and I will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know how you can pay for your holiday cottage in France.



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