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Le Mont St. Michel

Le Mont St MichelLe Mont St Michel is thought to be the second most visited attraction for tourists outside of Paris. Built in the Seventh Century as a simple oratory, it has been the destination of pilgrimages ever since. Richard 1, Duke of Normandy, started the impressive Abbey built on the top of the mount in the year 966, but sections were added right up to the 16th Century, so that it is now quite an extraordinary mix of architectural styles.

As well as daytime guided tours, there are now tours for groups at night. Le Mont St Michel by candlelight and firelight is a memorable experience! The nighttime tour is called Les Imaginaries du Mont St Michel and is a superb sound and light show presented as you walk through the Abbey in your own time. (June September starts 9-10 pm until 1am)

There is now a new causway to the Abbey You must park in the specified area and with your parking fee you get free travel to and from the Mount

For day time visits the Mount is generally quieter during the mid week except during school holidays and during late July till the end of August. If you walk around the ramparts or, better still, around the base of the mount you are likely to meet less tourists and will get to see the small chapel which was the original construction on the site. There is a story to be heard that the Archbishop had a dream that told him to construct a place of worship on the mount and from this dream, Le Mont St Michel as we see it today, was conceived.

Le Mont St Michel at dawn

It should always be bourn in mind that the tides in this region have over the years claimed many lives because they are phenomenally high and due to this come in very fast. Were you to be still down at the base of the Mount when the tide comes in it would be possible to end up stranded on the rocks. So if you intend to walk around the Mount you would be well advised to check the times of the tides before you venture off.

The costal road from Avranches to Jullouville via St Jean Le Thomas has been described as the most beautiful few kilometres in France because of the views of Le Mont St Michel and so is well worth the trip especially on a clear day.