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P&O FerryThere is a choice of seven ports at which it would be possible to land, plus of course the Channel Tunnel.

In our opinion the best ports are Cherbourg, St Malo,
Le Harve & Caen

The approximate traveling times from these ports to our region are :-

from Cherbourg to Fougeres approx. 2½ hrs
from Caen to Fougeres approx. 2 hrs
from Le Harve to Fougeres approx . 2¾ hrs 
and from St Malo to Fougeres approx . 1 hr

The crossing times vary from 2hrs at Cherbourg via one of the new Fast Cats to 6½hrs at St Malo during the day. But it is always better  to check with the ferry company first as changes are always being made.

The other ports of Dieppe, Calais & Boulogne offer shorter crossings, but longer driving times. Whereas to St Malo the crossing can be very long indeed. It all very much depends on the individual preference. There is now a fast crossing with P&O using a Super ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg, this does cut down the total journey time considerably, but should be booked well in advance.

We will supply you with route directions from your port of arrival to almost any of our houses that you may choose. We do try to update our directions as often as we can as the roads most commonly used to reach this part of France are undergoing a modernisation program, of which the recent Route de Estuaire is a good example. It is now possible to travel from Calais all the way to Fougeres and beyond on a motorway quality road, reducing the driving time from a previous 8 hrs down to approximately 4½ hrs (depending on your style of driving on French roads).

Generally speaking French roads offer the British driver a style of driving that can be much more relaxed than in UK probably due to the reduced amount of traffic on the roads. At the height of the season it is fair to say that the road conditions in France are preferable to those in UK. Even if sometimes the actions of the French driver in front of you is totally incredulous !

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