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Local Shopping Market

Depending as to which house that you are staying at the shopping hours vary, but we hope that the following will act as a reasonable guide to help you.

Fougeres - Fougeres boasts four major Supermarkets "Champion", "Leclerc", "Carrafour" and "Intermarche". Plus a very good shopping center where all is available, from top quality jewelry to clothing, to Antiques, Because Fougeres is a rather large "county town" type town almost anything that you may want can be found here. All the Boulangerie are open on Sunday Mornings often closing at 12:00 noon as are a few grocery shops but not the super markets (see St James below). Market day is Saturday when the farmers come into town, plus you will find excellent fresh fish stalls, fresh meat stalls and all the normal clothing stalls etc. Bargains will be found - it just means searching!

St. Brice en Cogles - In St. Brice there is a good selection of shops and restaurants, plus there is a Supermarket "Super U" where it is possible to purchase almost anything.  On one Sunday per month (we are told that it is the second Sunday in every month) there is a market held in the center of town near the main church where it is normally possible to purchase direct from the farmer a lot of local produce. Plus there are many other stalls catering for most tastes. All the Boulangerie are open on Sunday Mornings as are a few grocery shops (see St James below).

Pavement cafes for al fresco dining Brittany style Shopping at local markets

St James - St James is a small market town just inside the Manche border, between Fougeres and Avranches and about 5 Kilometers from Argouges. There is a market here every Monday morning where almost anything can be purchased. On Sundays both the Super U & Shoppy supermarkets are open up until 12:00, as Sunday opening is not common in rural France it is worth making a note. Argouges boasts a Boulangerie which is open for fresh bread on every day bar one - you should check with the proprietor which day it is closed during the week to avoid disappointment. The bread here is very good indeed. 

Local street musicians playing in the gypsy tradition Shopping at local markets

In Parigne there is a Boulangerie, which closes on Wednesdays, but is open on Sunday mornings, and a small grocers that is open every day except Mondays - on Sundays it is only open up to noon. Caen - There is a good market  here every Sunday morning and the weekday shopping here is excellent. St Hilaire du Harcouet - The market here is every Wednesday morning, and is one of the best in the area, the town itself is worth visiting and is an excellent example of a rural French county town. Pontorson - This small town has a market every Wednesday morning, it's worth a visit to top up on fresh supplies. Ducey has been called one of the nicest towns in the area. It's quite small, but pretty, and here the market is every Tuesday morning. Antrain - This is a town worth visiting and on Tuesday mornings the local market has much to offer.

Shopping at local markets Shopping at local markets


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