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The Brittany Coast - St Malo

The coast of Brittany has long been considered one of the most beautiful in France. It can vary from the rugged & dangerous rocks of the north west to beautiful clean beaches of almost white sand, that are often nearly deserted, to the true seaside beaches of sand, amusements, ice creams & fast food etc. Whatever is your pleasure it can be found somewhere along the Brittany coast. On this page you will find places both on the coast and inland in Brittany & Normandy that are within easy reach of our cottages.

St-Malo is a very pleasant beach resort that is often overlooked by holiday makers, the sandy beaches stretch out below the ramparts of the old town and are accessible from the sea facing sides of this historic town. This makes them very convenient for the cafes and restaurants of the overlooking old town. There is a causeway / footpath across to the nearest of the islands uncovered at low St Malo street entertainerstide,and a tide washed swimming pool in easy reach. There are also two Aquarium in the St Malo area one actually inside the town walls (Le Petit Aquarium D'Intra Muros) and the other on the outskirts of the town called Le Grand Aquarium, La Ville-Jouan, Avenue General Patton, St Malo. this one has the only 360-degree aquarium in europe, making it possiable to experiance life below the waves without getting wet. The aim of this aquarium is not only to entertain but also to help to understand the delicate balance of our fragile ecology.

The old town is a bustling place at almost every time of the day, and it is possiable to walk all around the ramparts of the town thus getting excellent views of both it and the surrounding port. Largly rebuilt after the devestation wreaked by the retreating forces, it is a monument to the inginuity of the French in rebuilding in such a way that the new is almost indistinguidgable from the old. Often on summer evenings these streets come alive with the sounds of musicians,puppeteers, & jugglers, playing, singing and dancing on the terraces and outside of the numerious pavement cafes and resturants.


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