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The Village of Parigne

La Peignardiere lies approximately 1 Kilometer south east of the village of Parigne which is the nearest village . Apart from being a pretty village, it is growing fast in both size and amenities under the guidance of a mayor who has the best interests of the community close to his heart.

In the village can be found a good Boulangerie offering all types of breads and those famous French patisseries. Also there is a modern village shop (next to the Mairie) owned we understand by the village to help combat the threat of the large supermarkets and to help to keep the village community spirit alive, this small village store is kept reasonably well stocked with most of the groceries that you may need during your stay, and also a walk to the village can often be preferable to a drive to the major supermarkets when on holiday. The village shop is open every day except Mondays and is even open for a couple of hours on Sunday mornings. On a Thursday a local fishmonger visits at about 1830 /1900 and leaves about 2000 it all depends on how busy he is, the fish and shell-fish that he sells   are  very good, even if sometimes a little limited in choice.

The   Boulangerie is open every day except Wednesday and again they are open on Sunday mornings up until lunchtime.  The village boasts two bars one adjoining the Boulangerie and The Bar des Sports on the other side of the road almost opposite.  Here in the Bar des Sports you will find Franck & Valerie, who between them and their staff run both the bar and the restaurant, they have an excellent reputation for providing good food at very reasonable prices, every weekday lunchtime the restaurant is packed with people who have often gone out of their way to lunch at the restaurant Le Franck' Elle. Neither of them speak English but we think that Valerie does understand a little more than she admits. It is possible to eat here in the evening but only by appointment, you will often be given a separate room where you can enjoy your food.  It is possible to enjoy a good standard of basic food here in a friendly atmosphere where children are made welcome.

Across  the road from the Bar is the village Mairie the hub of all French villages and within this building can be found the local post office, as well as the mayors office, it really is quite an experience to visit the post office, because when you enter you will find no glass & no bars, just a desk with a seat on your side to sit down on while you purchase your stamps etc. and  friendly help on the other side, very different to the high security systems that exist in throughout the UK.

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